Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon — March 2013, Washington DC

UPDATE: Click here for my REVIEW of the 2013 Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. This blog entry was just about my registration last October.

Well hello again! Pleased to see you here! Including those of you who haven’t arrived at my blog after Googling “Top Gun homoerotic” or “Top Gun gay” or “Top Gun gay photos”. And to my Top Gun homophiles: I thank you with all the sincerity in my wee soul. Keep hope alive. I get more hits from you than pretty much anyone else at this point. Seems like I have to get the word out a little bit stronger and a lot more frequently. I’m still feeling my way about navigating the blogosphere as a contributor. Maybe I’ll stand on US1 in a chicken outfit, twirling one of those large plastic arrows in the air, with “HOKEYBLOG!” plastered all over it.

Or something…

Anyway, the reason for this post is to share a bit of running excitement. I am, as of today, Friday 10/12/2012, registered for my second Marathon. Even though I’m still training for my first in January, I went ahead and signed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon in Washington, DC. This is going to be coming up March 16, 2013. I’m very excited for this for a host of reasons, not the least of which being (a) races are fun, (b) it’s in Washington, which let’s face it is an awesome place to visit, (c) average temperatures that day of the year is around 43 degrees (awesome), and (d) races are FUN, man!

What this forces me to do, of course, is maintain my marathon training through next March. And I need it. The longest distance I’ve ever gone is 15 miles, and if you remember that blog from last July, it wasn’t the prettiest of runs. Granted I did attempt it at the hottest part of the day, in the hottest month of the year, in one of the most humid and disgustingly searing areas in the country. But I’m pretty confident I can do this, and as long as I keep to my training I shouldn’t have any issues, short of being dismembered by robots or the Earth falling into the sun.

Speaking of training, meeting up with the group tomorrow morning at 5:15am to do 12 miles by the beach. The humidity levels have dropped dramatically over the past few days, so it should be good conditions tomorrow. 50% humidity is paradise down here. I’ll take it. I’ve been enjoying group running much more than I thought I would have. Up until I started with Friends In Training last month, running was always a solitary activity for me. Suit up, grab your hydration and gels, put in the headphones, and go. For short runs, this is no problem. Longer runs, however, make it harder to keep the motivation level going. It’s entirely too easy to let yourself slack, take longer walk breaks, give up, etc. With a group of like-minded enthusiasts, you not only have more to motivation to be true to your training, it’s easier to maintain pace and keep your stride even. Even the post-run seminars can be somewhat… interesting… at times.

“What? You’re a Life Coach? I’m…fascinated…”

So that’s it. Big new marathon to run next year, more motivation to maintain training, a fun opportunity to travel and more reasons to keep on swimmin’. One parting slice of beau monde for the Hokeyblog faithful…

I feel the need… the need for a Speedo…


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