Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs



blgwickedannabella“Wicked Annabella”
The Kinks
blgmoonover“Moon Over Bourbon Street”
blga7x“A Little Piece Of Heaven”
Avenged Sevenfold
blgvernonhilldaemonlover“House Carpenter”
Nickel Creek
blghomebythesea“Home By The Sea”
blgredneckrampage“UFOs, Big Rigs, & BBQ”
Mojo Nixon
blgghostriders2“(Ghost) Riders In The Sky”
The Outlaws
blgdownpark“Down in the Park”
Foo Fighters
blgfeardark“Fear of the Dark”
Iron Maiden
The Edgar Winter Group
blgwhitezombie“Black Sunshine”
White Zombie
blgdevildanielmouse“Party Of The First Part”
blgwelcomenightmare“The Black Widow”
Alice Cooper
blgrhpslips“Over At The Frankenstein Place”
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
blgelofacemusic“Fire On High”
Electric Light Orchestra
blgkissalive2“God Of Thunder (Live)”
blgblacksabcover“Black Sabbath”
Black Sabbath
blggnitemoon“Goodnight Moon”
blgshadinnsmouth2“The Thing That Should Not Be”
mommie-dearest“Joan Crawford”
Blue Öyster Cult
blgredrighthand“Red Right Hand”
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
blgfullmoon“The Legend of Wooley Swamp”
The Charlie Daniels Band
blgripper“The Ripper”
Judas Priest
blgprophet“The Prophet’s Song”
blgphantomparadisecover“Somebody Super Like You / Life At Last”
Phantom of the Paradise
blggallows“Gallows Pole”
Led Zeppelin
Franz Liszt
blgsoulstripper“Soul Stripper”
blgdiarymadman“Diary of a Madman”
Ozzy Osbourne
Iron Maiden
The Ink Spots
Black Sabbath
blgbeef“The Hell Of It”
Paul Williams
blgnurserycryme“Nursery Cryme”
blgbibleblack“Bible Black”
Heaven & Hell
blgcarefulaxe“Careful With That Axe, Eugene”
Pink Floyd
blgdarknight“Dark Night”
The Blasters
blgvagabond“The Hero and The Madman”
Thin Lizzy
marchofthepigs“March of the Pigs”
Nine Inch Nails
Eddie Noack
blgporksoda“Mr. Krinkle”
-Return-of-the-Phantom-Stranger-rob-zombie-17634632-800-600“Return of the Phantom Stranger”
Rob Zombie
monstersholidy“It’s A Monster’s Holiday”
Buck Owens
agalloch“A Desolation Song”
IMG_2257“Forbidden Zone”
Oingo Boingo
IMG_2279“St. John’s Eve on Bald Mountain”
Modest Mussorgsky
IMG_2299“Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride)”
Don Felder
fromdusktilldawn“After Dark”
Tito & Tarantula
blgshesjustkillingme“She’s Just Killing Me”
ZZ Top
Jefferson Starship
img_2901-1“Swamp Witch”
Jim Stafford
Blue Oyster Cult
img_3023-1“Look At Me Now”
Electric Light Orchestra
gothicsorrow“Total Eclipse of the Heart”
Bonnie Tyler
psycho_circus“Psycho Circus”
img_3196-1“La Faulx”
Univers Zero
img_3221-1“The Masochism Tango”
Tom Lehrer
img_3252“Get Out Of My House”
Kate Bush
blgallnightmarelong“All Nightmare Long”
“Hello Again”
The Cars
“Night Prowler”
“Henry Lee”
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (featuring PJ Harvey)
“Furry Happy Monsters”
R.E.M. and Muppet Rockers
“Dream Warriors”
Black Sabbath
“Robber’s Ball”
Paul McCartney
“Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”
Pink Floyd
“He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)”
Alice Cooper
“Boris The Spider”
The Who

“Country Death Song”
Violent Femmes

“House of Fun”

“Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark”
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton

“The Devil Cried”
Black Sabbath

“Little Drop Of Poison”
Tom Waits

“Der Hund von Baskerville”
Cindy & Bert

“Go To Hell”
Alice Cooper

“Stranded In The Jungle”
The Cadets

“Hallowed Be Thy Name”
Iron Maiden

“Everybody Dies”

Squirrel Nut Zippers

“Prelude To Madness / Hall Of The Mountain King”

“Goodbye Blue Sky”
Pink Floyd

“Vengeance (The Pact)”
Blue Öyster Cult

“Poison Ivy”
The Coasters

Leonard Cohen

“Down By The Water”
PJ Harvey

“I Feel The Dark”

“Nature Trail To Hell”
“Weird Al” Yankovic

“Salem’s Secret”
Peter Gundry

“Street of Dreams”
Blackmore’s Night

“Bad Things”
Jace Everett

“What’s He Building”
Tom Waits

“The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke”

“Open Pit Mine”
George Jones

“No One Lives Forever”
Oingo Boingo

“Transylvanian Express”
Steve Hackett

“Valley of the Queens”

“One Step Beyond”

“Killing The Dragon”

“Jumbie Jamboree”
King Selewa & His Calypsonians

“Twilight Zone”
Golden Earring

“Master of Darkness”
Star One

“The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati”
Rose and the Arrangement

My Boots can MOVE yo“Living Dead Girl”
Rob Zombie

“Some Velvet Morning”
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

“King Tut”
Steve Martin

“Down in the Woods”

“The Holy Hour”
The Cure

“Seven Swans”
Sufjan Stevens

“Will O’ The Wisp”
Blackmore’s Night

“The Voodoo Walk”
Sonny Richards “Panics” with Cindy & Misty

“Lady Evil”
Black Sabbath

“Square Hammer”

“Baggy Trousers”

“Knoxville Girl”
The Louvin Brothers

“Evil Eye”
Franz Ferdinand

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2 thoughts on “Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs

  1. About this time every year I search the internet to find a few new songs for my Halloween playlist and stumbled on your site. While I’m not a big fan of Metal, you had some good selections that I’ll be adding onto my collection. I appreciate that you had Home by the Sea by Genesis… I think that’s one of the great unknown ghost stories in classic rock. I recommend you check out Homeland by John Hiatt and Further On Down the Road by Bruce Springsteen for more along those lines.

    My all time favorite is Harvest Moon by Jason and The Scorchers, which is a great cow-punk butt-kicker that invokes frost on pumpkins and ghosts rising from the ground. Its very much along the lines of Mojo Nixon.

    I can share some others with you if you’re interested.

    Cheers and Happy Halloween!

  2. Dave, thanks for the reply and the suggestions! Going to look into your recommendations this week… I’m always on the lookout for more creepy tunes. I have two more going live tonight, one atmospheric metal and the other more novelty but classic country. I should definitely try to branch out a little more, but I’m most proficient in rock /metal. Thanks again!

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