Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Return of the Phantom Stranger” — Rob Zombie (1998)

-Return-of-the-Phantom-Stranger-rob-zombie-17634632-800-600My sinister sounds sweep the grounds
Stillborn I lie beneath it
I throw it away, the freaks all stay
Deformed and laughing screaming…

Rob Zombie is no stranger to anything and everything horror. I mean really, his name is a dead giveaway right? No one gets slightly unnerved by “Rob Cutebabyelephants”, do they? Unless they’re being traumatized by the more emotionally devastating elements of Disney’s Dumbo, and if you think I’m kidding about that, try watching it again without tearing up. That’s not even a triple-dog-dare; I know I’m right.

Anyway, Rob’s 2003 track Return Of The Phantom Stranger has enough creepy elements for a host of Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs, so its inclusion in our list is a done deal, you know? That eerie keyboard undertone, Rob’s menacing vocals, and driving midtempo that neither meanders around nor rushes through the song’s creepy tale of an undead terror returning from the grave.

And check out that video too. It’s perfect. Project it on a bare wall in a dark room… without sound. Muaahahahahha!

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