Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “It’s A Monster’s Holiday” — Buck Owens (1974)

monstersholidyFrankenstein was the first in line
And the Wolfman came up next
Dracula was doing his stuff
Breathing down my neck…

Well, I mean they can’t ALL be dark, terrifying, horrific, and morbid right? So let’s veer off into a much more FUN direction… and this song is the living definition of goofy Halloween fun.

I’ve always loved Buck Owens’s classic 1974 single It’s A Monster’s Holiday. And why not? The song pretty much rattles off a list of the classic Universal monsters, plus a host of other dragons, gremlins, goblins, udnead, etc. And all of it’s set to a rockin’ beat with just enough country swing to get your toe-tapping and head bouncing.

Plus it’s one of those Halloween Songs, like Monster Mash or Witch Doctor that you can enjoy with the young-uns without permanently traumatizing their tender young sensibilities. Like what happened when I first heard that god-awful Terry Jacks thing. Seasons In The Sun. WTF 1970s?? I understand that decade was one giant hangover from the ’60s, but there’s more sheer awful terror in that vile early 70s Easy Listening monstrosity than in the entire Rob Zombie ouvre…

That, as I’m oft to repeat, is a knish for another deli. Anyway, enjoy the video — it’s almost as fun as the song!

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