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Hey! A pen pal! Or a potential one… Anyway, if you like what you read, or are incensed to the core, or anywhere in between, I’d still like to hear from you. So here you can find out where Hokeyboy is lurking and how to coax him out from his introverted, faux-nurturing shell of misanthropic woe. Or something.

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For the Delusional Early-Adopting Sausage-Fest crowd, I seem to have a Google+ presence. But I’m entirely too lazy to look up that link right now, and I think I only use it to see what Wil Wheaton is up to. Caveat emptor…


6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello! First of all I wasnt sure where to post this message so feel free to move it! Secondly, what a great blig! Youve covered so many of my favourite albums already+ I must have agreed with a good 95% of what Ive read (I dont remember when that last happened – I dont agree with 95% of the things I write sometimes!) Just when I wad beginning to think you have perfect taste I then notice my own site in your blogroll (Alans Album Archives). Thankyou, Im proud to be linked to such a fine site as yours!

    As someone who knows what its like making these things, well done for getting through the down sides you must have faced as well (the rock induced migraines, the computer burnouts, the echoing silence when no one seems to be reading tour work+listening to Ringo sing more timesvthan is strictly healthy!) and please keep up the good work! Im dying to know what you think about some of the other Kinks Beats Macca and Minkees albums! Thanks again!


  2. Thanks Alan! I’m a* huge* fan of your site, which is why I linked to it, but especially of the amount of detail and discussion you go into on your reviews. Really impressive stuff. And yeah, while there are times where it can be a chore, probably much like yourself I enjoy music way too much to not write about it. But some of the mid 70s Kinks material — the theatrical stuff — oy. I haven’t gotten to Soap Opera yet. That’s gonna be a fun one 🙂

    Thanks again for the kind words!

  3. Hello again Matt! Thanks to you for your kind words! I havent had any feedback for ages+most of that was of the ‘why do you write so much? Its giving me a headache’ ‘ variety so its great to hear from someone whose clearly on the same wavelength! When+if I get my laptop sortrd I shall add you to my reccomends list too.Ive been really enjoying your site+am pleased to find that Im not the only person who rates ‘Coming Up’+ ‘Long Long Long’ so highly! I must admit Im quite fond of Ray Davies’ more out there albums, although I think Im on my own amongst Kinks fans there! Looking forwarf to seeing what you make of soap opera! (If you havent seen it yet theres a great TV special based on that album on youtube that makes a lot more sense of the record!) Thanks again soul brother! 8>}

  4. preservation act 2

    Segunda parte del incomprendido e infravalorado proyecto “Preservation”, editado como un doble álbum en el que se intercalan las canciones con breves fragmentos de un narrador (Chris Timothy) relatando la historia ideada por el genio Ray Davies.

    “Preservation act 2” está más cercano a la idea original de Davies para el proyecto que la primera entrega, razón que justifica la mayor cantidad de material aquí incluido.

    Aunque en lo que a calidad se refiere los dos discos están muy parejos, en esta segunda parte el talento inagotable de Ray aflora en excelentes temas que se mueven entre el pop, el rock y el vodevil y que rebosan ingenio en unas texturas tremendamente imaginativas y complejas, acompañadas de unos siempre notables textos y un innato sentido del ritmo y la melodía.

    Todo esto se refleja en prodigiosas composiciones como “When a solution comes”, “Money talks”, “Scum of the earth”, “Second-hand car spiu”, “He’s evil”, “Mirror of love” (puro cabaret), “Nobody gives”, “Salvation road” o “Oh where oh where is love?”, una bellísima canción interpretada a dúo con Marianne Price, algo que se vuelve a repetir en “Nothing last forever”.
    preservation act 1

    Uno de los proyectos más ambiciosos de Ray Davies al frente de The Kinks. Dosificado en dos partes, Davies presenta esta primera entrega con su habitual derroche de lucidez lírica y musical, edificando potentes temas rockeros como “One of the survivors”, “Here comes Flash” o “Demolition”, todos ellos realzados por una estupenda sección de metal que se encuentra presente en practicamente todo el álbum.

    En el mismo, también figuran otras canciones más apacibles y que rezuman gran clase, del estilo de “Daylight”, “There’s a change in the weather” (un tema de compleja estructura) o “Where are they now”. Su amado y socorrido sonido music-hall es el fundamento de la hermosa “Cricket”.

    La culminación compositiva dentro de un conjunto más que notable son las extraordinarias “Sweet Lady Genevieve”, “Money and corruption/I am your man” y “Sitting in the midday sun”, tres gemas que exprimen al máximo el caudal artístico del gran Ray Davies.

  5. Presevation Album (1973 & 1974) – sublime work, but misunderstood commented Ray Davies. I agree.

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