Paul McCartney Album Reviews


blongleMcCartney (1970) ramRam (1971) wildlifealbumWild Life (1971)
rrsRed Rose Speedway (1973) Band-on-the-Run-paul-mccartney-2501546-600-600Band On The Run (1973) VenusandMarsalbumcoverVenus & Mars (1975)
WATSOSCoverWings at the
Speed of Sound (1976)
blgwoaWings Over America (1976) blglondontowncoverLondon Town (1978)
blgbacktotheeggBack To The Egg (1979) blgmaciiMcCartney II (1980) tug56ffghjTug Of War (1982)
blgpipesofpeacePipes Of Peace (1983) blgbroadalbumGive My Regards
To Broad Street (1984)
blgpresstoplayPress To Play (1986)
Снова в СССР (1988) Flowers In The Dirt (1989) Off The Ground (1993)
Flaming Pie (1997) Run Devil Run (1999) Driving Rain (2001)
Hot Hitz Kold Kutz (Bootleg)

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