Disney Running Logos for the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend, or: “And now we’re back where we started…”

Hi gang! Welcome back, it’s been awhile. Other than a few Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs shared throughout the season, it’s been pretty quiet around Hokeyblog for the past few weeks. It’s not quite that I haven’t had much to say; more along the lines of I hadn’t found an interesting way to talk about things. And of course, it was the holidays, so things just slip by the wayside.

Well enough of that.

To keep things moseying right along, it’s That Time again. That’s right, we’re on the cusp of yet another Disney run, and this time it’s the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. This event is occurring in a scant two weeks, from January 8 through January 12, 2014, and includes a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon, as well as various kids races and fun runs and all that other stuff.

This will be my third WDW Marathon Weekend in a row. The first time was back in January ’12, when I ran my very first Half Marathon (and subsequently loved the experience). I went back the following January and ran the Full Marathon, to much joy and hurrah and agony and a damaged illiotibial band and ice-baths and celebratory libations. This year, I will be running the Inaugural 10K and the Half Marathon; no 26.2 miles for me, and that’s all fine and dandy. I’ve got enough aggravation.

I’m especially looking forward to this trip as Boots and I will be spending four fabulous nights at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, a resort where I’ve visited a few times but never have had the opportunity of staying. Also a bunch of buddies will be up there as well: old school friends, running group friends, Internet blogger friends, and everyone in between. This means that, even though I’m not running the Full Marathon on Sunday, I’m still waking up to head down there and cheer everyone on. Yes, this will be my first time as a Run Disney SPECTATOR, and I’m actually kind of excited for that too.

OK enough of my yammering. As many of you well know, part of my Run Disney tradition is to print of new running shirts for each event. This weekend will be my sixth Run Disney event, preceded by the 2012 WDW Half, 2012 Disneyland Half, 2012 Tower of Terror, 2013 WDW Marathon, and the 2013 Disneyland Half. I didn’t print up a new shirt for the Tower of Terror, which probably explains why the fates decided to destroy me on that race. So for the Millheiser RULES!!! running team’s shirts for this weekend, it is listed as “Part V” of our adventure. Part VI will be the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon, during which I will be running in a tutu for charity. Please click that last sentence and donate a few bucks, if you can. I’ll give you a shout-out on the course, promise! 🙂

For years I’ve been going to another vendor for my shirts, but their selection recently and rather dramatically changed (not for the better). Instead I ordered mine from LogoSportswear. I’ll let you know how they turn out in my race reviews, but until then here’s what you can expect them to look like:

WDW 10K SHIRT (Click to embiggen)
10kfront 10kback
WDW HALF-MARATHON SHIRT (Click to embiggen)
Halffront Halfback

OK a little cheeseball, but I really dig ’em. It’s got style! Panache! Savoir faire! The magnetic, kinetic appeal of a dashing young Vic Tayback!

"You write like a ditzy broad!"

“You write like a ditzy broad!”

Honestly, sometimes these non sequiturs even disturb me as well. Sigh. Here’s the video:

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