Yet another tedious mid-flight photo op, or: “Climb on the back and we’ll go for a ride in the sky…”

It’s not like I enjoy doing these posts, except for the fact that I do, so I’m a big fat freakin’ fibber.

Anyway, I’m midflight coming back from Boston, so I thought I’d share my usual flight pics because I’m still busy basking in the afterglow of the BAA Half Marathon and coalescing my thoughts and feelings about that wonderful race. Oh crap was that a spoiler? Sorry about that. Don’t worry though, I didn’t PR so I haven’t really spoiled anything… except that I Just did. So again: big fat freakin’ fibber.

I’m stalling. Anyway, here I am on my way TO Boston:

"Hey... I'm OK!"

“Hey… I’m OK!”

… and here I am coming back:

If I don't stop smirking, my chin will fall off... :(

If I don’t stop smirking, my chin will fall off… 🙁

Well anyway… race review coming real soon. It’s a HAPPY one!! Promise. Here’s the video:

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