Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “The Ripper” — Judas Priest (1976)

blgripperYou’re in for surprise
You’re in for a shock!

Judas Priest’s second album Sad Wings of Destiny is a Top 20 metal album in my book. Sometimes maybe even Top 10. Who knows, I don’t keep track of these things. Anyway, today’s edition of Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs is taken from said LP, a creepy, rockin’ little tune entitled The Ripper.

It’s a straightforward piece, an ode to the famous slice-n-dicer of 19th-Century Whitechapel, Jack The Ripper himself. Ol’ Saucy Jack became a lore and legend by butchering streetwalkers throughout his East London stalking grounds. Priest’s take on the infamous legend is punctuated by Rob Halford’s epic wails, strong riffage, and driving metal rhythm. It’s not terribly spooky but it’s a hell of a lot of awesome and a great addition to your Halloween playlist.

Any back alley street
Is where we’ll probably meet
Underneath a gas lamp
Where the air’s cold and damp
I’m a nasty surprise
I’m a devil in disguise
I’m a footstep at night
I’m a scream of the fright…

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