Remembering Becca with one of my favorite Facebook exchanges, or: “I always want to call you, friend…”

OK so… yeah, this is ridiculously self-indulgent and perhaps altogether pointless, but it brings some joy to a saddened heart, so feel free to skip this post if you’re so inclined.

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blgpinacolada(To set the tone, start singing Rupert Holmes’s classic “Piña Colada” song in your mind…)

Becca: Wasn’t someone talking about Slurpees AND Piña Coladas recently?

Suz:  She (and Matthew who started this whole thing) is going to single handedly be responsible for my insanity this week!!!

Becca: I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m singing Bette Davis Eyes now. Her hair is Harlow gold…

Me: I figured you just couldn’t come from somewhere back in her long-ago. That’s what a fool believes!

Suz: When she first started this I thought she was talking about how it’s a world of laughter, a world of tears, a world of hope and a world of fears….

Me: I plan on surviving on the old man’s money…

Carmen: To Matthew, you and Becca need to man and woman up!

Becca: You do not want us to merge forces. Mas peligroso

Me: You know when I man up the most? When I’m walking through the park, and reminiscing.

Carmen: OMG!!! I am going nuts!!!!

Becca: I’m not talking about moving in!

Me: I hope nobody leaves this conversation. If you do, baby come back. Any kind of fool can see there was something in everything about you.

Carmen: HELP!!!!

Becca: They might keep forgetting we’re not in love anymore

Me: This conversation has it all. Just like Bogey and Bacall. Starring in some old late late show…

Becca: Just make a wish baby. And I will make it come true.

Carmen: Now I am going, I should have been off the computer two hours ago and winding down. So down I go.

Me: Carmen’s going to sleep? Alas. She’s gone. Oh I, oh I don’t know how to face it…

Suz: Matt, Matt, Matt….no one is leaving this conversation because near, far, wherever you are…

Becca: Yes well sleep or not, Young and beautiful , Someday your looks will be gone. When the others turn you off , who’ll be turning you on? I will.

Me: I hope she wakes up and someone calls her angel of the morning, angel…

Becca: I actually heard a Juice Newton song today but now she’s gone. Oh my. I’d pay the devil to replace her.

Me: This is just an awesome group of people. I mean, you are a magnet, and I am steel…

Becca: And your kiss is on my list.

Me: In all honesty, keeping these Easy Listening lyrics coming so effortlessly is really hard. I used to think that it was so easy. I used to say that it was so easy. But I’m trying, I’m trying now…

Becca: Maybe you should just ride, ride like the wind to be free again?

Me: That was really touching. I cried a tear. You wiped it dry.

Becca: That’s why I’m easy. Easy like Sunday morning.

Me: Are you really that easy? Twice on the pipe if the answer is no…

Becca: Hey I take it minute by minute. I keep holding on.

Me: Nothing to be guilty of.

Becca: It’s true, but I’m all out of love. I’m so lost without you.

Me:  Well it’s alright. Once you get past the pain..

Becca: Just remember I love you and it will be alright.

Me: ( . . . . . )

Me: ((The above was an instrumental. Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good”))

Becca: I know. You feel light in your head and dead on your feet. Well, another crazy day – You’ll drink the night away and forget about everything

Me: *air saxophone*

Becca: I’m going to bed, but it was nice sharing the night together. Oh. Yeah. And PS, I warned all of you people that you did not want to combine the magic of Matthew and myself. We time traveled with our awesomeness.

In honor of my undeniably brilliant, effortlessly charming, and deeply beautiful, wonderful friend, whose heart was a deep well of empathy, concern, and love for the fellow ridiculous creatures she called her friends. She made everyone around her feel like a freakin’ LEGEND.


Yacht Rock stars!

As I type this words, you’ve been gone for six months now. And I still can’t process it. Can’t accept it. Not yet. Your star shined so damn bright, we’ll be basking in your light for a long, LONG time. Thanks for still keeping us so warm, Rebecca Madan Kollaras.

Oh, and… I think this’ll work:

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