Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Psycho” — Eddie Noack (1968)

blgpsychoI’ve seen my ex last night, Mama
At a dance at Miller’s store
She was with that Jackie White, Mama
I killed them both, and they’re buried
Under Jenkins sycamore.

Don’t you think I’m psycho, Mama?

Is there anything creepier than old, scratchy, mono country/western tunes? I hear those first few opening bars and I just want to go climb a tree or something…

Eddie Noack chilling performance of Leon Payne’s Psycho will chill you to the bone.

Even if this were just an instrumental, you’d sense something was off-kilter here. If you heard Eddie Noack simply humming the tune without lyrics, something would be WAY off-kilter.

And then those lyrics kick in…

No great mystery here. This dirgey ballad is all about the protagonist coming clean to his mother about all the people (or animals) he killed, why he did it, or even shocked that he did commit the deeds since maybe he didn’t remember them, or something. What’s that wrench doing in his hand anyhow? Ahh he can’t remember…

And then that ending. I mean, you know it’s coming (how could it not) but it still smacks you with a powerful backhand.

Creepy. Disturbing. And of course Evil. What became of that baby from the opening verse? I think I need a shower…

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