Yet another midflight update post, or: “In the name of God my father I fly…”

So ahh… yes. I’m on my way back from six fun-filled nights in sunny, beautiful, humidity-free Southern California. Naturally there will be a host of updates, reviews, recaps, pics, and the like to come over the next few days. Huzzah!

In the meantime, here’s my annual tradition that absolutely nobody asked for: pictures from midflight, thanks to my Chromebook 14 and in-flight wifi. I’m literally typing this sentence somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico,just past Galveston. Isn’t technically fascinating? Ehh? Ahh? No? Ohh…

Well anyway, this was me leaving late Wednesday night:

Dark and fuzzy. That's entertainment!

Dark and fuzzy. That’s entertainment!

…and here I am now, on my way back:

"...and they're so PERKY!"

“…and they’re so PERKY!”

As always, much more to come. So stay tuned. Here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “Yet another midflight update post, or: “In the name of God my father I fly…”

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. You provide some glass half full humor to those early morning training runs and encouragement to keep me moving forward. I just finished the 2014 Disney 1/2 last week end and got my coast to coast medal yeah! Looked for the you on the course but to no avail
    this will be my first year of running events since I started the Johnny Cash 1/2 Marathon in Folsom CA (cool bling and fun loop) in October of 2013 in Folsom CA. and then found your blog as I was preparing for the Disney Marathon in January 2014 (the best event I think I could have chosen for my first Marathon) I wore the long sleeve marathon shirt on sunday A mistake with the heat I think .
    I wish I ran the 10K the shirts were better than the 1/2 but It will be fun to talk about the run into the big A in angels stadium.
    Keep up the fun outlook I like many others like knowing we are not alone.
    now here’s the video …. HA ! HA!

  2. Hey there Scott, thanks for the kind words ­čÖé I’m pretty low-key when I’m out on the course, UNLESS I’m running with a similar group of goofballs, in which all bets are off…

    That Johnny Cash Half sounds amazing. I might have to try it sometime. Anyway I’m glad you’re enjoying the write-ups (and yes, my bitchings when summer training makes you want to hang yourself or drown in donuts). I should have my Half review up pretty soon. It’s still my favorite Disney Half, although I’ve yet to do the Wine & Dine, which will be rectified come November…

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