Outta here once again, or: “Her bikini – small; heels – tall. She said, she liked, the ocean…”

Hi gang. Well it’s that time again… time to pack up the gear, lock up the homestead, and hit the road. But before I do, here’s some notes of community interest.

I gots me a new pair of running kicks!


These are my new Hoka Conquests. Bright citrus yellow because I got them at a liquidation sale, brand new, for like $115 (retail: $170). I’ve test-driven them before and loved them, but they will take some serious getting used to on a more permanent basis. But that’s cool. As a runner, this is akin to finally being called to The Show. I plan on slowly grooving into them during the Fall, at which point we’re gonna rock the Space Coast Marathon. Do Klingons actually wear yellow?? Curious now. Hmm…

I gots me a new haircut!

I was at a red light. I swear!

I was at a red light. I swear.

OK, it ain’t really showing much of anything, and it’s the same damn haircut I get every three weeks (If I go more than 3 weeks, I start looking like a Commodore. I’m talking Lionel Richie’s old band, NOT an 80s personal computer!), but there you have it. Captain Smiley.

And the reason I gots me a new haircut is because…

I gots me gettin’ outta here!

Wait… “I gots me gettin’ outta here”?? Exactly how much did that English degree cost your poor parents? Hope they kept the receipt…

Anyway, so there’s this:


Our Virgin America flight leaves Fort Lauderdale tonight at 7:30 PM, arriving in Los Angeles around 10:30 PM PST, and tomorrow we check in for the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. This is Hokeyblog’s third year attending, covering, and running the event, so expect lots of reports over the next week and change. I’ll be doing all three races (5K, 10K, and Half Marathon) — the first I’ll be walking with friends, the latter running but at a relaxed pace and stopping for pics, and during the latter I’m going to attempt a course PR for myself. The time to beat is 2:13:35. We shall see.

Anyway, I might drop some updates while I’m out there, courtesy of my awesome new HP Chromebook 14 which I freakin’ adore like there’s no tomorrow, but if not then I’ll catch up with you guys when I get back. I’ll be using the LiveTrack feature of my Garmin 220 to track my run progress; if you want to follow me live, keep an eye on my Twitter account on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings starting around 8:30 AM EST. It’ll be super nice and more than a little creepy to know that people are peering at their computers, through their ISP, up to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit, and then back down to me trudging through the streets of Anaheim. Fun stuff.

Later everybody! And of course here’s that video:

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  1. I just like typing out the word ‘geosynchronous’ :-\

    ALSO: ‘pickleface’!!

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