I’m Miami Famous on the Baptist Health Blog, plus some other quick updates…

Hi gang.

So let’s get the 800 pound emu out of the way: I’ve been radio-silent for the past two weeks. No worries though, there’s nothing horrifically awful or bad or even mediocre going on in Hokeyville. I think that four-part Disney Marathon Weekend monstrosity kind of blew my creative juices clear into the next six parallel universes or something, and my little gray cells needed some quality recovery time. Plus there’s the usual super busy real-life details that kept me away from the blog for awhile.

But enough of that. Time to get back to your garden variety regularity, and there’s been much to talk about and (hopefully) a remotely-sizable audience starved of such things.

The biggest news lately is that I recently ran the 2014 Miami Half Marathon, and as such there will be a race review coming up very soon. What was cool about that run — and maybe the only thing cool about that run (for me) — was that I was spotlighted in the Baptist Health blog in a feature entitled Running For Their Lives! Check it out. It was only a quick summary (two other runners were also showcased) and there’s nothing I mentioned in there that I haven’t reiterated here only a bajillion times since the Dawn of Hokeytime, it was still pretty cool. I think I spoke with Bethany (the author of the piece) for about 20 minutes on the phone… and I’ll tell you what, I was serving up diamonds. No kidding, some of the lines and observations that came out of that interview seemed pretty goshdarn fantastic to my ears (and I think to hers, of her laughter and enthusiasm was any indication).

The article, while professional and succinct, didn’t really capture my personality the way I wanted it to. She stuck to the basic motivational spinal column of our discussion without going off into some of what I thought were more interesting areas. But no matter. It’s still a cool piece, and I’m very glad (and honored) to be a part of it.

So give that a look-see when you can.

Not much else to report. As mentioned, the Miami Half Marathon review is forthcoming. I think, if you’ve ever had an insanely challenging race experience, you’ll probably relate to it. Also: the Disney Princess Half Marathon is coming up in just over two weeks! As you probably know, I’m doing this race as a charity fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, and I’m running it dressed as a “princess” of sorts: tutu, tiara, possibly wings if I can get the things to stay on, and other rather delicately princess-esque accouterments.

If you’ve enjoyed Hokeyblog and you have anything you’d like to donate — $1, $5, $10, anything — please do so by visiting my fundraising page at http://fundraise.ccfa.org/fundraise?fcid=281162. I’d like to hit $2,500 before the weekend comes to pass, and currently we’re sitting at $2,140. I’m matching all donations from here on out, up to $350. You’ll have my undying thanks and receive a shout-out on the course which will be captured on video and splattered all over the intertubes. Be a part of history!!

The race shirts have also been designed and ordered, so they will be unveiled here soon as well.

Anyway, that’s the brief update for today. Much more content coming down the pike this month, I promise. No video to close out today’s update, just a humble bow and a fond welcome back to all you strange and beautiful people.

Love, Mateo

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