Disney Running Logos for the 2014 Princess Half Marathon, or: “In conversation she spoke just like a Baroness…”

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the closet…

We’re back, friends, with yet another revelation of our new Disney Running Logos. We’re now just about two weeks out from the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and surprising absolutely no one who has been reading this blog for more than 5 minutes (or follows my breathless hyping on Facebook), I will be running that race in a tutu to raise funds for charity. Click here for more information on that (and how you can donate), but that’s all I’ll say about that event for now.

Let’s get to the potato of the knish. That’s right, the unveiling of our race shirt logo! This is a Run Disney tradition for me; designing a new shirt for (almost) every Disney Race event. This year’s shirt is a little bit different. For starters, there’s no “Millheiser RULES!!!” self-aggrandizement going on. Given that this is first and foremost a charity fundraising event, I wanted to raise the level of discourse to something sophisticated, illuminated… beau monde, if you will. Won’t you?

And I just wanted to give Millheiser Rules!!! a bit of a rest, anyhow.

So enough of my yakking. Say hello to TEAM HOKEYBOY!


Black and pinkish/purple are going to comprise the tutu’esque color scheme of the day. Maleficient colors, why not… and were you honestly thinking I was going to run in hot pink? We didn’t even get CLOSE to 5 grand!! But I’ll still look quite delicate, dainty, elegant, poised, and other embarassingly wonderful adjectives that are going to get plastered all over my social media come February 23rd. So keep a top eye ready for all that wondrous gaiety.

I also want to throw an unsolicited shout-out to my new custom-shirt vendor, Logo Sportswear. The previous vendor basically to limit the amount of men’s choices they had, in terms of types of shirts available, materials, and colors. I needed to find another, and I used Logo Sportswear for last month’s Marathon Weekend, and they came through with flying colors in terms of quality products, an amazing selection, and reasonable turnaround time. They’re a bit pricier, but they do good work. I heartily recommend these guys.

Well that’s about it for today and… what? Still not enough? What, you want a sneak preview of my entire ensemble? Well, it’s still a work in progress, missing many critical accessories, and extremely subject to alteration (guaranteed, actually), but what the heck:

NOT the Final Product. But close. Plus a foot.

NOT the Final Product. But close. Plus a foot.

Don’t say I never threw you guys any advance excitement amid my various bon mots. Here’s the video:

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