Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “M1 A1” — Gorillaz (2001)

Is anyone there?
Is anyone there…?


We really slowed things down a bit, didn’t we? Three folk songs in a row, stylistically different from each other, but nonetheless three folk songs in a row.

So let’s just pumper this bumper up to 14 with some turn-of-the-millennium rock from our virtual buddies at Gorillaz. Yes, we’re featuring the gripping M1 A1 from their 2001 debut album.

Accordingly, you may be asking yourself (1) what is M1 A1, (2) how does it make for a good Halloween song, and (3) what the hell were you thinking featuring three folk songs in a row, Hokeydude? You wanna lose the crowd? You wanna bring down the make-out room? You wanna destroy your music influencer cred? YOU SUCK NUTS!

To that end, let’s simply address these issues, one by one:

1) The M1 A1 title is essentially meaningless, I suppose. However it is the designation of a portable flamethrower developed for World War II used to toast legions of Japanese and German troops, which is always lovely and leads right into…

2) That repeating line of? “Hello! Hello! Is anyone there?” is sampled from the 1985 George Romero zombie flick Day of the Dead. And you can implement a metric ass-ton of undead damage with your own portable flamethrower. Plus the song is creepy and odd and then it totally erupts into the rock and/or roll. Fun stuff. And finally…

3) What music influencer cred? I’m 51 freakin’ years old and while I’m keeping the worst of rapidly aging decay at bay, I drink bourbon in a recliner and watch war documentaries. It’s over.

Anyway, M1 A1. Good stuff. Definitely Halloween apropos. Imma go lie down and watch They Shall Not Grow Old. Again.

Wake it up
Check it out, ’01 craze (Hello!)
D’ya hear that?
I said, M1 A1…

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