Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “The Other Side” — Blackmore’s Night (2015)

Fading laughter in the ever after
I remember when the time ran out
Night was falling, shadows were crawling
You were calling from the other side…

I’m going to throw in some lighter fare before we get super dark with our next songs…

The Other Side from Ren-Faire mainstays Blackmore’s Night (primarily driven by the husband-wife team of rock legend Richie Blackmore and Candice Night) is a bit of a spritzy tonic here. Oh don’t worry, we’re still all spooky and supernatural and what-not. Their Celtic medieval folk elements are also in abundance. You want your mandolins, strings, woodwinds and all that? Check, check, and more check.

The song deals with the narrator following a shooting star, down a starlit path, through the night and into an area overlapping with the hereafter. There, amid the rising spirits, she could hear her lost love, calling to her from beyond. And as quickly as the spirits came, they were gone, but not without hearing his joy and laughter as a parting message.

Kind of uplifting, now that I think about it. And yet The Other Side is still haunting enough to be included here. So why not enjoy a spooky uptempo number with our lukewarm turkey leg and overpriced mead in a Dixie Cup as we reflect upon our own deaths and what lies beyond? Sure beats going to work…

I still wear the symbol of our memory
Weaved in gold, in a painted braid
Round my finger, never ending circle
Like your memory, from the other side

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