Jeff Galloway’s Training and Motivation Tips #7, or: “Makes no difference what group I’m in…”


And we’re back with yet another edition of Jeff Galloway’s Training and Motivation Tips, in which we here at HokeyCo Enterprises have partnered up with the legendary Jeff Galloway to provide YOU — our erstwhile readership — with a plethora of helpful advice to up your running and fitness game. And why not? Even the most seasoned of us are still but Padawans in the grand game of joyously competitive perambulation!

Anyway, this time around I’m just gonna shut my yap and let Sir Galloway take it from here. Check out his take on the joys of running with fellow friends, fans, and enthusiasts… enjoy!


The fun of running with a group pulled me into the sport 57 years ago. Running and training with my friends Steve Prefontaine, Frank Shorter Bill Rodgers, brought out the best of running in me—while we became good friends, and Olympians. As I travel the US this season, for our Galloway training program kickoffs, I see the same fun, support and friendship development. I hope to see many of you at our free clinics. Here are the ways I’ve observed runners of all abilities improve more and have more fun when in the right group.

1. Great friendships
2. The miles go by quicker—telling stories, sharing life experiences
3. Guidance in running with the right group for you, with the appropriate run walk run strategy
4. Because the group is waiting for you, you will stay motivated and get out there more often
5. You’ll learn about some interesting races, places to run, fun running experiences
6. On the really tough workouts and races, the group will pull you through
7. Access to tools for management of nutrition, fluids, motivation, aches/pains
8. The right group leadership can fine-tune the pace of each workout, avoiding injury/exhaustion
9. Helping others who are struggling bestows an amazing sense of achievement
10. Sharing the empowerment of finishing a long run can change your life

Most groups, like our Galloway programs allow runners to try them out for free. Together we can celebrate fitness and inspire others to improve the quality of their lives.

jg01Highlights of this year’s Galloway Training Programs:

  • Discount on the Jeff Galloway 13.1 and Barb’s 5K
  • 50% discount of Jeff Galloway’s Running Schools and Blue MT Beach Retreats
  • Discounts on Phidippides products – Jeff’s store and the original running specialty store
  • Discounts on ElliptiGO, my favorite way to cross train outside
  • Discounts on Pacific Health Products Accelerade & Endurox
  • Discounts on Cooper Complete vitamins
  • Galloway Alumni hat available just for those who have been a part of our team before
  • Newly redesigned Galloway Training medal to celebrate completion of this year’s program
jg02Visit to find your closest Galloway Training Program, and ask me for more details about what I love about my Galloway group.

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s tips. Stay tuned for more sagacious advice coming soon. Until then, here’s the video:

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