Pimpin’ my sister’s Women’s Sexual Health blog, or: “And this old world is a new world and a bold world, for me…”

Hi gang. Normally I would be regaling the four or five you haven’t haven’t stumbled upon my blog looking for suggestive Top Gun pictures with whatever Kinks album or pedantic running tale has tickled my fancy for the day. Well, right now we’re having none of that. OK I’ve been kvelling over the brand-new Wings Over America remaster, but that’s a knish for another deli.

For now though, I wanted to pass on some useful information to my readership of the stronger, fairer persuasion. NO, not you Rosicrucian dentists. Stop faxing me already. I actually meant you lovely ladies who grace me with your presence here at Hokeyblog. My redonkulously brilliant, beautiful, and accomplished sister has a blog out there in which she shares information about women’s sexual health issues. As an OB-GYN, Stanford professor, and women’s sexual health guru, she’s been on radio, TV, and published many times over. Plus she also promises to share cooking and food tips as well, to keep all us foodies entertained too.

She also ran 1:37 half-marathon a few years back, while I’m still struggling to sub a 2. Grr!

Anyway, check Leah out over at drleahm.com… you’ll be glad you did!

Well that’s all I have for today. ’til next time, homeslices. Here’s the video:

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