A History of Our Disney Running Team Logos, or: “200 degrees, that’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit…”

The whole family's going down!

The whole family’s going down!

You know how much ridiculous arrogance and hubris I must have to name our team “Millheiser RULES!!!”?

None whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Bubkis. I’m just riffing off that line the bully O’Doyle kids always scream in Happy Gilmour. It makes a great Two-tickets-to-the-gun-show flex and grunt whenever I cross a finish line. So I kinda dig it. But don’t mistake it for arrogance. Well, any more than I normally exhibit.

So to commemorate next week’s marathon, last night Boots and I developed our team running shirts last night. We started this tradition a year ago, right before running the 2012 WDW Half Marathon. The way I see it, any running team ain’t just the runner, it’s also for people there to cheer you on, so we printed some up for my sister-in-law who was also running the race, as well as for Boots, Shyla, and the Big Schmo. But this was the logo I used for my tech shirt:

Subtle, ain't it?

Subtle, ain’t it?

It was such a (Johnny Cliche in 3..2..1…) magical experience, I wore the shirt again 3 weeks later for the ING Miami Half. Nowhere NEAR as fun an experience. Even if I wasn’t just coming off the flu, it was a muggy, nasty, humid morning filled with too many crummy Miami people. Blerg…

But the decision I did make was to only make these shirts for Disney runs. As I’ve mentioned before, Disney runs are less stressful, more fun, and you can be entirely goofy about the entire affair. Plus the medals are cool. So when I ran the 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon last September, we printed up a Part II shirt in black, with the following logo:

The French makes it sound so erudite...

The French makes it sound so erudite…

I really liked this design quite a bit. The black and gold looked sexy and regal, as I’m wont to do, and I enjoyed the shirt so much I wore it again 4 weeks later at the 2012 Disney Tower of Terror 10-Miler. We all know how THAT run turned out (and if you don’t, read it and cringe). So now I had to amend my previous amendment, which is: “Only worn at Disney running events, and only once.” I think I’m onto something here.

So to make a long story short…


… we came up with our designs last night and ordered our shirts. If all goes according to plan (this means YOU, FedEx) I should have them by Tuesday. And this is what we came up with:

"Eat my dust, Schnicklefritz!"

Running in Royal Blue this time, keeping the whole beau monde French thingy, and while even though this is technically my fourth Disney run, I’m celebrating it as my third, because it’s my third custom shirt and I make the rules. Logic was never my strong suit… and I work in IT?

I am a walking mass of contradictions. Well, a running mass of contradictions. Or something. Here’s the video:

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