Merry New Year 2013, or: “If you’re tired of the same old story, turn some pages…”

ChristmasTreeTrashHowdy! Hope anyone and everyone reading this had a Chappy Chanukah, a Merry Christmas, a Festive New Year, or none of the above and just wanted to be left the F alone, away from silly obnoxious people. Or maybe all of the above. Given we’re a Jewish & Catholic household, we get a bit of it all, which really, let’s face it, means a whole bunch of eating.

And zowie, enough with the food already. As of this writing it’s back on the wagon again. Marathon training makes you gain weight to begin with, even when you don’t engorge yourself on the spectacularly delicious and gleefully fatty stuff. And speaking of which… we’re now 11 days out!

Eleven days… and the shins are doing much better. Putting myself on the injured reserve list for a few days and gradually working back into a pattern has helped a lot. I’m still in Full Tapering Mode, so it’s not like I’m gonna run out and do another 21 miler or anything. Just slow and easy. I’ve scheduled some short runs and then Saturday, I’m doing 6 with the group, and then slowly work my way up. Yay.

Designing the running shirt tonight. More on that as it develops…

Not much else to say, other than 2012 was a good year, complete with its ups and downs, but nothing awful and mostly solid. But I am ready to change the playing field a bit for 2013. This year I would like to travel some more, diversify my interests, do a triathlon, re-up on my professional certifications, master the ukulele, and learn how to play the upright bass. And of course, continue with fitness and challenging myself on the physical side of things.


Gonna give Tiny Tim a run for his money!

And I’d like to be more prolific with my blogging. Hokeyblog doesn’t really have a purpose, drive, or focus. It’s just me blabbing out to the world whatever strikes my fancy. It’s more of a way to keep my mental and creative sides fit and functional. I probably focus way too much on running, and way too little on creative endeavors. I hope to rectify that a bit going further. Not that I’m gonna start posting my idiotic poetry from 1993 or dopey song lyrics I wrote after watching an episode of Melrose Place and wondering how much Daphne Zuniga enjoys cake over pie. Something else, entirely. Something wholly other. And more on THAT as it develops…

Well that’s that. Much to love to you all for the upcoming year. Here’s the video:

If you're reading this blog, YOU'RE AWESOME! Let me hear your thoughts.