Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Hier Kommt Alex” — Die Toten Hosen (1988)

Jeder Mensch lebt wie ein Uhrwerk (Everyone lives like clockwork)
Wie ein Computer programmiert (Programmed like a computer)
Es gibt keinen, der sich dagegen wehrt (Opposed by no one)
Nur ein paar Jugendliche sind frustriert (Only a few angry youth)
Wenn am Himmel die Sonne untergeht (And as the sun sets)
Beginnt für die Droogs der Tag (Day begins for the Droogs)
In kleinen Banden sammeln sie sich (Gathering in small bands)
Gehen gemeinsam auf die Jagd (Their hunt begins…)

Hey, hier kommt Alex! (Hey, here comes Alex!)
Vorhang auf für seine Horrorschau (The curtain rises on the horror show…)

We’re back, Hokeyfolks, and not even with a vengeance, because we abhor clichés like the plague. Even though I just finished that sentence with a cliché. We here at HokeyCorps Industries LLC are a complex conglomerate of doofuses.

Like you didn’t know that already.

Anyway, it is October 1st, 2022, and that only means one thing: our annual Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs have returned for yet another season, and we here couldn’t be happier to be back doing the one thing that apparently this blog really does anymore: strive to bring new spooky, scary, creepy, odd, silly, or just plain bugfork weird songs to elevate our All Hallowed Atmos.

As usual, you will never find the cliché songs here. Not a one. You want Thriller, Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, or Werewolves of London? Look elsewhere. We’re fresh out of that level of imaginative depravity.

So speaking of depravity… we always kick off our annual Halloween playlist with a barnstormer, something really hard and rockin’ and uptempo to escalate and elevate, and what could fit that criteria better than the 1988 German rock banger Hier Kommt Alex by Die Toten Hosen.

As you may have surmised, Hier Kommt Alex (“Here comes Alex”) is inspired directly from the Anthony Burgess novel and Stanley Kubrick masterpiece “A Clockwork Orange”, which is pretty much as disturbing and terrifying as how you want your Halloween season to start: it’s the near future, society is in a dysfunctional (yet somehow functional) state, a failed welfare society is slipping into authoritarianism, and youth gangs roam the night looking for a bit of “the old ultra-violence”.

Your garden variety brutality, murders, rapes, destruction… you know, for kids!

I won’t bother further surmising the plot, the themes, or the characters; it’s sufficiently nightmarish enough just with the imagery of the young, hungry, and disaffected out on the hunt, night after night, giving authority just enough reason for even more oppression. But it’s when the Powers That Be decide that the key to eradicating sociopathy lies within reprogramming the human brain of the undesirables, well… yeah. Now we’re getting somewhere. Even worse.

Hier Kommt Alex brings creepy realization sto an entire host of social horrors. Plus it rocks your face off. Welcome to Halloween 2022 you strange and beautiful people.

Ob mit Stöcken oder Steinen (Whether with sticks or stones)
Irgendwann platzt jeder Kopf (In time everyone’s head will burst)
Das nächste Opfer ist schon dran (It’s the next victim’s turn)
Wenn ihr den lieben Gott noch fragt (And you still plead with God)
“Warum hast du nichts getan, nichts getan?“(“Why haven’t you done something, anything?”)

Hey, hier kommt Alex! (Hey, here comes Alex!)
Vorhang auf für seine Horrorschau (The curtain rises on the horror show…)

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