Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Transylvanian Express” — Steve Hackett (2006)

Yup. Your pals here at Hokeyblog are featuring yet another instrumental piece this evening.

So if you’re looking for the usual italicized lyrics to kick off this post… you won’t find any. Instrumental, see? No lyrics. Sorry.

. . .

OK, fine, stop pouting. I’ll try. Here goes nothing.

Umm… let’s see now…

*train noises*
*odd demonic vocalizations*
*wolves howling*
*instrumental representations of locomotive movement*
*proggy gypsy music*

Yeah I think you’re getting it now. We’re on a one-way trip through the ominous shadows cast by the mountains of Central Europe, courtesy of the Transylvanian Express.

Former Genesis guitar maestro Steve Hackett helped compose this instrumental piece which fuses prog rock chops with Romany rhythms and Carpathian melodies into a singular piece that delivers us straight onto Vlad Dracul’s doorstep.

Because you don’t get much more Halloween than THAT, thank you very much.

So board the Transylvanian Express, place it right on your Halloween Playlist, blast it when the kiddies come knockin’ at your door for a heapin’ helpin’ of pre-diabetic goodness, and leap out of the business wearing nothing more than a Maury Povich mask and a big ol’ smile!

Ahh… don’t do that. Not without a bolo tie, at least.

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