Disney Running Logo for the 2015 Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, or: “Make sure the fortune that you seek is the fortune that you need…”

Well I mean, you knew it was coming, right?

For those new to the entire Hokified-lifestyle experience simulacrum, a bit of catch-up: every time we participate in a Run Disney race event, we design a custom race shirt for the event. Well, not every time; we didn’t create shirts for the 2012 Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror 10-Miler or the 2014 Wine & Dine Half Marathon. And do you know what happened as a result? The latter was nearly flooded out due to a Biblical deluge, and during the former I came down with a nasty case of food poising — in the middle of the run, of course. Yeesh. We learned our lesson. New custom Disney running shirts, or it’s curtains, I tell ya. CURTAINS! I ain’t gonna be a sucker for a third time.

I was gonna go with another graphic, but I just love this one, non-sequitur as it is.

If only that happened to people in real life…

(EDIT: It just occurred to me that I didn’t print up a custom shirt for the 2014 Avengers Half Marathon, and I actually managed to PR that race and had a most wondrous time. So that particular theory just got shot up 47 ways to next Simchas Torah.)

((EDIT AGAIN: Although now that I recall, the Santa Ana winds were blowing so hard that day that it was a major race hazard. So maybe those two balance out? Yes? No? I don’t do “Questions of the Day” because eww, so I’ll just leave this topic to the vagaries of quantum abstraction…)

Anyway, as keeping with a tradition, we’ve designed a new shirt for the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, where yours truly will be participating in the 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon over the course of three days. That’s right, we’re going back for a fourth year in a row, and are primed to go three-go-three with the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. Am I shooting for a Legacy? Dude I don’t even know if this challenge even counts for a Legacy! But we do insanely love this race weekend, so as long as I can I’ll keep coming back for it.

It’s also, quite enchantingly serendipitously, both the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland and the 10th running of the Disneyland Half Marathon. This was one weekend not to miss!

So before we unveil the new logo, let’s take a look at our past endeavors over the years:

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So as not to oversell this, I decided this year to go with something simple, clean, and colorful. I give you now my race shirt for the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon:

It is the thing!

It is the thing!

Spiffy! I love the color, a Disneyland-esque blue. The front is bare, with the logo on the back — a simple (public domain’ish) castle with gold font and royal blue outline. I didn’t want it to cluttered or overloaded with text and images, so the usual Team Hokeyboy with a congrats to Walt’s House beneath the image sufficed. I’m really digging this one. Plus I got to order it in a size below my regular shirt size, because I’ve been working my tukhis off to get leaner for the upcoming Chicago Marathon, and I’m down 13 pounds since Alaska. Yay me!

Not to be left holding the camera bag at the Finish Line, Boots got a shirt of her own as well:


Same logo, different shirt, on the front. If you see her give her a great big “Hi!” If you’re racing, wave and she’ll snap your pic. You’ll get it cheaper than MarathonFotos, that’s for sure, because it’s free and those people are vultures. And not even the cool ones from The Jungle Book either.

These four were fab...

These four were fab…

(By the way, here’s a completely unsolicited endorsement from me to get your custom race shirts over at Logo Sportswear. I’ve been using them for years and they do quality work.)

Anyway So it’s on. Another Disney race weekend, another trip to Disneyland, another time for fun, fitness, and lounging by the pool with mango margaritas. Here’s to hoping it’s the best Disney race weekend yet! Until then, we can comfort ourselves with this video:

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