2015 Egg Hunt Triathlon Video

And we’re back. I want to thank everyone who responded favorably to our post about the 2015 Egg Hunt Triathlon, whether it was on the blog, on Facebook or Twitter, in emails, telepathic inundation, needlecast consciousness transmission, smoke signals, and so forth. That post got a lot of kudos from a lot of people and I’m entirely grateful for it. Lots of love in this room, folks. Let’s dim the lights a bit…


OK so as John Cleese’s Vocational Guidance Counselor would put it, “Enough of this gay banter!” I wanted to add one last bit of awesomeness dealing with that wonderful event. Our buddy Tyler Phelps over at Vantage Point Aerials shot this amazing video of highlights from the race. It’s a beautiful presentation and I thought you — our adoring audience — might enjoy seeing some of what this great event had to offer. Most of it is drone footage, and it’s really quite breathtaking. Give it a whirl.

Oh, one last thing: if you’re wondering whether or not I am in the video, rest assured that I am. Multiple times. I’ll let you guys do the Where’s Waldo’ing here, but here’s one little clue as to where you might find me…


What is it about me, race pictures, and showing off my Royal American lately? *sigh* OK never mind that. Here’s the awesome video:

MultiRace Egg Hunt Triathlon/Duathlon – 2015 Official Video from Vantage Point Aerials on Vimeo.

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