Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Soul Stripper” — AC/DC (1975)

blgsoulstripperOh I thought I got to be dreaming
I didn’t know I fell in her trap…

I can’t believe we’re in the last week of October, a few days from Halloween, which means we’re nearing the end of our month-long celebration of all things spooky and musical… which means we’re going to double our efforts from this point on. It’s like Two-For-Tuesday, but every day through Halloween. Because I’ve been slacking. Or something.

Anyway… our selection today comes from classic hard rock band AC/DC, hearkening all the way back to their 1975 debut album High Voltage. There’s a touch of 70s Funk/R&B mixed with blues rock in Soul Stripper, one of their most under-recognized and most buttkickin’ tunes. The intro alone is worth the price of admission, especially hearing Angus’s tasteful soloing over that righteous bassline.

But let’s bring the spookiness, shall we? There’s a burgeoning sense of danger that grows throughout the song, underneath the verses, until it explodes with full AC/DC fervor at the chorus. Singer Bon Scott delivers the lyrics with his usual flair, weaving a basic tale of an unsuspecting man wooed to a garden by a beautiful siren-esque female, only to discover she’s some kind of succubus-like entity devouring his thoughts, his freewill, his soul… whatever. Your basic dopey rock metaphor of being Not exactly the deepest of lyrics, but AC/DC was never known for their lyrical esoterics. Soul Stripper is a simple spooky tune that just happens to bring Teh Rawk. So enough of my yakking, hit that video down below and crank it.

She started moving nice and easy
Slowly getting near to my spine
Killing off each last little feeling
Ooh everyone she could find
And when she had me hollow and naked, yeah
That’s when she put me down
Pulled out a knife and flashed it before me
Stuck it in and turned it around…

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