Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “UFOs, Big Rigs, and BBQ” — Mojo Nixon (1997)

blgredneckrampageMojo Nixon is singing about UFOs, big rigs, and barbecue.

Do I really need to sell this any more? Mojo freakin’ Nixon + alien encounters + 12 wheels of interstellar transport + smoked meat = ESSENTIAL Halloween tuneage.

I first heard UFOs, Big Rigs, and BBQ waaaaaay back when, while playing the first-person shooter ‘Redneck Rampage’. While riding around shooting aliens in my pickup truck, this song was prominently featured on the game soundtrack. I was absolutely hooked from note one. Ever since then it has remained a strong staple of every Halloween mix tape/CD-R/playlist I’ve created, so it has a place of honor and distinction in my list of Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs. Not so much spooky/scary as it is awesomely ridiculous space-age drunken revelry… enjoy!

Well UFOs are big rigs
That come from Outer Space
Stoppin’ off at the truck stop Earth
Lookin’ for some food to eat
Ya can’t get no Beanie Weenies
Out past the Great Unknown
Yeah, UFOs are big rigs far from home…

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