So what’s going on with me, and why I’ll be away for a few days…

Hi gang.

Tomorrow Boots and I are off to beautiful New England, and I for one can’t wait. We’re flying into Boston, renting a car, and hitting the road. We’re heading up to Vermont for my cousin’s birthday bash, and it’ll be great to hang with family: besides my cousins, I’ll be meeting up with my parents, sister, her adoring husband, and my two ridiculously beautiful nephews. While we’re in the area we plan on heading up to Montreal (possibly), then over to New Hampshire to see the sights and check out a Def Leppard concert (can you tell Boots had a hand in that??), as well as heading back over to Waltham, MA to visit my old alma mater at Brandeis University, and maybe down to Providence to see Boots’s old hometown.

Four states and Canada. FRENCH Canada. Am I Continental or am I CONTINENTAL??

The week leading up this has, unfortunately, not been the best. I haven’t been blogging much about it, but over the past month I’ve noticed a serious deterioration going down in my gastrointestinal tract. On Tuesday I went under sedation for a colonoscopy and was subsequently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis… which unfortunately was exactly what I had suspected. I plan on blogging more about this when I get back. It sent me into a bit of an emotional funk — and has completely sidelined my running and training for the Disneyland 10K and half marathon. Bummer.

But I’ve never let anything drag me down. So whatever happens, I’m pushing through it. Keep moving forward, my friends. See you next week!

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