Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You” — Billy Squier (1981)

billy-squier_xG9QyKxYUxwAnother MTV Holiday classic. Literally. Filmed right on their set, with most of the original VJs, back in the halcyon days of the fledgling cable network. Back when Nina Blackwood was the object of every guy’s young lustful urges, but we all really had huge crushes on Martha Quinn. She was the ultimate girl next door: ridiculously adorable, undeniably cute, and a virtual encyclopedia about rock music. *sighs* I actually went to Spain with her brother in 1986, that’s the closest I ever got to Ms. Quinn. Well, that and seeing her work the crowd during the 1983 Police concert at the Orange Bowl in Miami. I was way up in the stands with my family. What I would have given for Kryptonian telescopic vision…

What were we talking about again? OH… right, holiday songs. And the great Billy Squier, for whom I was always a fan. Albums like Don’t Say No, Emotions in Motion, and Signs of Life were pretty holy to me, back in the day. And then he had to prance around a satin bedroom in a pink tanktop, and his entire career went off the rails. Still, the music lives on, especially this Christmas ditty, which just rocks. A simple ode to holiday festivity, but one that total puts you in the right mood.

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