Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “A Lonely Jew On Christmas” — Kyle Broflovski (1997)

kyleOK let’s get silly for a moment here and discuss Hebraic Yuletide Alienation. Or not. This one is a seasonal favorite for me, only because I love belting it out at karaoke every December and there’s not a dry seat in the house afterward. Plus it reminds me of the salad days of the late 90s when any episode of South Park was pretty much unmissable. In today’s “ehh, hit or miss, mostly miss” atmosphere, it’s always festive to look back at that era. Plus, this particular Jew was pretty lucky, insomuch that my mother’s side of the family is Catholic and we used to enjoy Christmas with our cousins up in Connecticut quite a bit. And that was full-on Christmas spectacle: trees, stockings, presents, snow, songs, the works. So lonely on Xmas? Fooey!

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