Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Hall of Heads” — They Might Be Giants (1992)

Here in the Hall of Heads
You look through the keyhole
This is the Hall of Heads
One step through the doorway
Roll out that special head
This is our favorite one
Please don’t try to leave
Don’t leave the Hall of Heads…

Well gosh.

I mean, it’s a creepy Hall of Heads, from the celebrated indie duo They Might Be Giants, in which the Johns regale us of the titular vestibule. Inside of said vestibule can be found — wait for it — a bunch of heads.

Severed heads.

And they sing to you.

Oh, but you’re ever so curious about the Hall of Heads. You find yourself peeping through the keyhole, pushing your way in, even playing with the heads. But the heads don’t want you to leave.

I mean, you try to leave. In fact you do leave. Sadly, in every attempt to evade their call, you fail. Hiding doesn’t help. Running away doesn’t help. In horror you watch as your own legs betray you as you return to that very same doorway.

Inevitably you always, always come back to the Hall of Heads.

Creep on, everyone!

Hide underneath the porchHide down behind the furnaceYou can’t get awayYou can’t really hideOnce you hear the callThe song of the hall of heads
You can’t run awayYour feet won’t help you runYou can’t run awayOut of the hall of heads

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