Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “The Sunk’n Norwegian” — Alestorm (2008)

There lies a tavern down Wisconsin Way
Where you can get drunk any time of the day
The landlord’s a bastard, the barmaid’s a whore
But give them no shit or you’re straight out the door
The Sunk’n Norwegian’s the name of this hole
A nasty ol’ tavern if ever I’ve known…

Listen friend, if you don’t have enough metal, pirate metal, or pirate metal with a keytar in your life? Then your ship has just arrived, albeit armed to the teeth with a crew of cutthroats, marauders, and skullduggers.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

We’re returning to the Alestorm well with today’s featured tune, The Sunk’n Norwegian, a rowdy bit of collective buccaneer love to their favorite watering hole. We first featured Alestorm way back in 2013 when we showcased Keelhauled, one of their signature pirate-metal shanties. I mean, that was literally the second Buttkickin’ Halloween Song we posted. Man we were long overdue for a hearty return.

And let us draw a measure of frankness over this affair: few things go better together than Pirates and Halloween. How could it not, with all the costumes, the accents, the adventure, the supernatural, the dubious morals, the lasses, the heroes, the treasure, the monsters, and the challenges of a literal ocean of possibility? Bring all of it on.

The beauty of the The Sunk’n Norwegian is in its celebration of not just the lifestyle but the endless potential when surrendering yourself to the darker and seedier pathways of the world, where your outer cosplay becomes your inner steel, bone, and nerve. So yeah, this tavern may very well represent the greatest pirate dive bar that never existed with the most sordid collection of scoundrels the seas have ever known. But since we all have to die, why not raise your tankards and drink in rapturous acceptance that The Sunk’N Norwegian is where you truly belong? Where the costumes comes on but the masks come off…

Drink up my friends, as much as you can
For tomorrow we sail to a faraway land
We’ll party all night and get drunk off our heads
‘Cause we can all rest when we are dead
One more drink at the Sunk’n Norwegian
One more drink before we have to die
One more drink at the Sunk’n Norwegian
Raise up your tankards of ale to the sky…

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