Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Pink Elephants On Parade” — Broken Peach (2018)

Look out! Look out!
Pink elephants on parade
Here they come!
Hippety hoppety
They’re here and there
Pink elephants everywhere…

Three things to know about your favorite Hokeydude:

  1. Dumbo is my favorite Disney character of all time. OF ALL TIME!
  2. Dumbo is my 3rd favorite Disney animated film, after Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia.
  3. I could watch Broken Peach sing the phone book for an entire three day weekend and never get bored.

No but seriously, I love me some Peach, and this isn’t their first appearance in our Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs. We even broke our own rules and showcased them singing a worn-out tune from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and we stand by that decision. And every year they feature a new Halloween-themed song and video, so there’s always something spooktacular coming from them.

(Check out their non-spooky videos too. Great stuff).

Anyway, today’s selection hearkens back to 2018, when this Spanish Septet covered one of Golden-Age Disney’s spookiest tunes, the much beloved Pink Elephants on Parade. This was one of my favorite (if narratively superfluous) scenes in Dumbo, in which the titular baby elephant accidentally gets all hopped up on booze and starts mad hallucinating like Timothy Leary at Laser Floyd.

Dumbo - Pink Elephants On Parade - YouTube

Seriously… this was bonkers.

Anyway, Broken Peach took this creepy classic and made it all their own, adding a ton of metal crunch and with the ladies dropping some deliciously witching vocal theatrics. And if that aint enough, the song ends with vocal and musical cameo from an entirely different Disney movie altogether, but one no less magical.

So give Broken Peach and Pink Elephants on Parade your attention. But really: check out their video below. It’s a visual treat and a half. Join in on the zany madcap circus!

I am not the type to faintWhen things are odd or things are quaintBut seeing things you know that ain’tCan certainly give you an awful fright!
Chase ’em away! Chase ’em away!I’m afraid, need your aidPink elephants on parade!

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