Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “This Is Halloween” — Broken Peach (2015)

I’m not even going to quote any lyrics this time around because (1) you already know them anyhow, and (B) I have betrayed my loyal readers.

Please put the torches and pitchforks down and LET ME EXPLAIN,

… peers around nervously…

OK so the whole point of having our Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs is to provide a unique set of tunes to share with everyone. Never the usual bores. Never the yawn-inducing. Never the same-old. Certainly not Thriller, Monster Mash, or Ghostbusters.

And DEFINITELY NOT ANYTHING from the freakin’ Nightmare Before Christmas movie. One which I think is good but entirely overrated, but again, a knish for another deli.

I mean I do like the tunes, I think Danny Elfman did top notch work there. But they are so entirely ingrained in our collective pop psyche that to include any of them here would be akin to have the number 69 in any of your screen names or social media handles.


Whilst researching some tunes for my next batch, I encountered this cover of This Is Halloween by Spanish group Broken Peach on YouTube, and I was instantly mesmerized by the look of the presentation, the stunning musical and vocal arrangements, the overall feel of the song.

Plus I have two major Kryptonites: 1) Goth women, and 2) Spanish women. Speaking of knishes for another deli, I have a doozy of a tale that involves both and impromptu air-guitaring after being deflowered. But again… another time.

So there you have it. The most mundane song I’ll ever share. This Is Halloween. Broken Peach absolutely nails this cover, but don’t just listen to it; WATCH the video below. Not only was it directed by A Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick, it is absolutely mesmerizing to behold. Also: keep your eyes on the girl to the left. She is otherworldly.

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