Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Evil Eye” — Franz Ferdinand (2013)

Some people get a freak out of me
Some people can see that I can see
Some people want to see what I see
Some people put an evil eye on me

I mean, if you don’t immediately hear the Halloween in Franz Ferdinand’s Evil Eye, there must be something terribly wrong with you.

For starters, this is a fantastic pop dance track, but don’t hold that against the song’s Creepy-Crawly Cemetery Cred. Despite those infection dance floor rhythms and anthemic call-and-return styled vocals, you have all the accouterments of a classic Halloween tune.

Random screaming? Check. Right in the opening verse.

Creepy haunted vocalizing? That you got in abundance.

A spooky demented fun-house central riff? It anchors the entire song!

And throughout the chorus, a repeated theremin motif. THEREMIN! Or theremin-sounding! Whatever!

The song allegedly has to do with the singer’s fascination or near-obsession with perception and all-seeing eyes and everything along those lines, but in the end Evil Eye delivers in spades precisely because the music is so perfectly evocative of all the creepy weirdness derived from the vocals.

If that doesn’t make a Buttkickin’ Halloween Song, then I’m Curtis “Booger” Armstrong!

But I can see
The crawling, crawling creatures
Suspended in solution
No, no there’s no solution…

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