Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “The Voodoo Walk” — Sonny Richards “Panics” with Cindy & Misty (1962)

The night was dark
The moon was high
I was walking along holding hands with my guy
When all of the sudden
His breath became quick
His eyes began flashing, these words fell from his lips…

OK now this is a fun one.

I came across The Voodoo Walk while doing my usual summertime research for new and unusual Halloween songs, and fell for it immediately. At barely over two minutes in length, this novelty song from 1962 is just adorably Halloweenish in vintage sixties mono.

Enamored with the tune, I wanted to find out more about Sonny Richard’s “Panics” with Cindy & Missy — and couldn’t really find out much of anything. A quick glance on Discogs revealed several 45 singles that were released in the early to mid 60s, and that was about it. Some novelty hits, some 60s rock, but little else.

Well, if just for The Voodoo Walk… that’s a big Halloween dayenu. This song is a wonderful melange of late 50s/early 60s novelty songs meeting cornball horror flicks. Singers “Cindy” and “Misty” are selling the hell out it too, recanting their tale of how they discovered the titular “Dance of the Dead” on a terrifying autumn evening.

If you’re looking to add some classic B-movie monster mania to your Halloween playlist, The Voodoo Walk quite nicely does the trick.

Do a little walk
Give a funny quiver
Walk on back and give a little shiver
Fly back in and then begin to stalk
Just like a shadow that’s a voodoo walk
All the ghouls do it
It’ll go to your head
Come do The Voodoo Walk
The dance of the dead…

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