Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Stranded In The Jungle” — The Cadets (1956)

Baby, baby, let’s make romance
You know your old-time lover hasn’t got a chance
He’s stranded in the jungle, as mad as he can be
So come on pretty baby, just you and me

An’ meanwhile, back in the jungle…

This is really all Howard Stern’s fault. Or rather, that of his father, Ben Stern.

But before we get to all that, let’s talk a little bit about our latest Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs addition, the one and only Stranded In The Jungle from doo-wop legends The Cadets. This 1956 tune was previously recorded by the Jay Hawks and would go on to be covered by the New York Dolls two decades later, but The Cadets cover stands out as probably the most well-known version of the song.

The song itself deals with a pilot who is trying to keep a date with his gal back stateside, but he crash lands in the jungle and… wait for it… finds himself stranded. He even ends up being chased, captured, and nearly cooked and eaten by cannibals! And that’s not even the worst part; while he’s fending for his life deep in the jungle, some other Lothario is trying to mack up on his lady over at Lovers’ Lane. And that just aint right.

The song is an absolute hoot, alternating between jungle drum rhythms on the verses (featuring the narrator) and the doo-wop, old school rhythm and blues dual vocals on the chorus (featuring the Lothario trying to pick up our hero’s gal back home). The contrast between both sections makes for a fun, adventurous trip full of zip and peril and all sorts of derring-do. Forget the dangers of the jungle. Some dude’s about to make time with your old lady, hoss. Get crackin’!

Of course, Howard Stern fans will know the song from the cover version his father Ben performed for his Mom, from old recording studio tapes from decades past. He didn’t *quite* get it right. But it’s a beauty in and of itself. And it totally introduced me to this wonderful piece of spooky jungle enjoyment, so thanks again to the Singing Sterns!

Meanwhile, back at the blog…

The boys in the jungle had me on the run
When somethin’ heavy hit me like an atomic bomb
When I woke up and my head started to clear
I had a strange feeling I was with cooking gear
I smelled something cooking and I looked to see
That’s when I found out they was-a cooking me!

Great goo-ga-moo-ga! Lemme outta here!

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