Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “She’s Just Killing Me” — ZZ Top (1996)

blgshesjustkillingmeEverything about her was natural
Everything about her was cool
But I’m a little partial for beautiful girls
Even if they blood runs blue…

It’s that magical time of the year again, Hokeyfolks!

October means fall. Fall means leaves changing, a crispness in the air, warm sweaters, hot apple cider, jackets and boots and scarves and absolutely none of that applies to us down here sweltering in the humid mess that is South Florida. Phooey.

BUT we still have Halloween and as such we return for the fourth year of Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs, our annual series of spooky spectacular rock, pop, country, folk, metal, classical, and all genres in between, as long as they deal with the dark, the weird, the macabre, even the preposterous. It’s just gotta have some loose Halloween spooky vibe going on.

And since I last left you with a song from Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 horror classic From Dusk Till Dawn, why not complete the circle with the big southern fried rocker from the movie soundtrack? We’re talking classic rock stalwarts ZZ Top and the film’s centerpiece anthem, She’s Just Killing Me. Unlike “After Dark” (the album’s other cut that showcases Salma Hayek’s vampire queen, Satanica Pandemonia), which sways with a silky, seductive Latin groove, “She’s Just Killing Me” absolutely cooks with crunchy guitars, wolf howls, Billy Gibbons’s inimitable vocals and guitar work, a thick Texas swagger, and an explosive testimony to an irresistible vampire goddess.

She’ll kill you, suck your blood, leave you in pieces, and you’ll keep coming back for more. You know you want her, no matter HOW much this Demonic Entity will tear you to ribbons. All part of the process. No big deal. She’s just killing you…

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