The 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon is a go, or: “I can see it in your face and it shows in your eyes…”

So uh… hi there. Happy New Year. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Let’s just jump into things and get right to it. New year, new upfrontedness, new making up words, etc. Anyway, remember when I said I was skipping out on this year’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend?


Yeah yeah, mea maxima culpa here. But I’m not making a big weekend deal out of it. We’re literally driving up early Saturday morning, grabbing my bib, meeting some friends for an early dinner, crashing, and waking up to run the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday. Then it’s a quick trip to the hotel to shower, change, pack, and get home late Sunday night.

So why the change of heart? It wasn’t so much because I was really itching to run the Disney Marathon again. But I did want to run another full marathon between now and the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon, which won’t be until February 28th of this year, and this seemed like a good opportunity as any. My last full was Space Coast in late November, and three months between that and New Orleans seemed like too long a stretch for me. Besides, I’ll be away in California next weekend for the Star Wars Half, and the weekend after that Boots is dragging me will be enjoying my company on the Def Leppard Cruise, which falls on the same weekend as the Miami Marathon, not that I’ll be doing that one again anytime soon.

So running the Disney Marathon will keep my training up to snuff. I’ve found that the best way to keep marathon fit and strong, is to keep running marathons. Kind of obvious, really, but there you have it. Anyway that’s it, then. Expect the usual write-up, of course. Certain traditions will never entirely vanish. I mean, unless they do. Here’s the video:

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