Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” — Pink Floyd (1968)

blgcarefulaxe(whispers) Careful with that axe, Eugene…

Not for nothing, but Pink Floyd has such a rich catalog of songs that sometimes you just want to nuke the Clear Channel offices from orbit simply because they won’t play a single track from the band on the radio unless it comes from The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, or Wish You Were Here. That right there is just a paradigm of frustration for those of us who would willingly send the Earth plummeting into the sun before hearing Bad Company one more time. But I digress…

Today’s Creep-Factor-11 song comes from the aforementioned and legendary Pink Floyd, this time going way back to a 1968 B-side to the single “Point Me At The Sky”. Careful Of┬áThat Axe, Eugene is, as you can tell, some deeply disturbing stuff… so much so, that it doesn’t need any lyrics whatsoever except for the Roger Waters’s whispering of the title. The rest is of the song is a spooky, somewhat macabre instrumental, led by Richard Wright’s organ and occasionally interrupted by Waters’s inimitable piercing, bloodcurdling screams.

The rest, as always is up to your imagination… especially when you punch out the lights and follow your darkest, most disturbing thoughts down rabbit holes into which you probably shouldn’t descend. Ever. But at least the cave paintings are intriguing. Even if they keep moving.

And for Jebus’s sake, seek out more deep tracks from Floyd if you haven’t already. So much good stuff out there, it hardly abides the telling… except that it does!

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