Some Disneyland Half Marathon weekend stats and info, or: “I longed to speak but did not dare…”

Happy Friday, Hokeyfolk. Let’s get the grumpy stuff out-of-the-way: as much as I tried, as much as I prayed, as much as I was absolutely convinced that it was gonna be a done deal, I didn’t make it into the Big Sur Marathon lottery.


Phooey! and Fiddlesticks!! And… you know, it’s not that big a deal. Honestly. And it cost me all of $2.50 to enter, so it’s not like, “There goes that yacht I’ve always wanted…” Life moves on, and besides there are TONS of other buttkickin’ races out there to try. I can always concoct other ways to impress Charo…

It's an option...

It’s an option…

OK so moving on from that nonsense… the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend is fast approaching. In four short weeks I’ll be back in Anaheim for the fourth year in a row to take advantage of what is probably my favorite Run Disney race event. It’s more than just the race though; Boots and I really take the opportunity to lounge, relax, enjoy the Disneyland Hotel resort, get away from the Florida humidity and enjoy the dry, clear California sunshine. And yeah, run a few races too. Or something.

So anyway, this will be our fourth trip in four years; we really do enjoy our “end of the summer” vacation there. For those of you new to the Hokeyblog experience — and greetings and salutations if you are! — here’s where you can find my previous write-ups:

Here’s a slide-show of some of my favorite Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend photos from the past:

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But let’s look towards the future, shall we?

There’s been a lot of information released lately about the race. For starters, corral assignment have been posted for both half marathon bib numbers as well as for Dumbo Double Dare bib numbers. Click the corresponding link to find out where you’ll be. For the first time, I’ll be in Corral B for the half! What what?

Oh, did you mention looking up your bib number? I got ya covered, pal!

Furthermore, if that doesn’t get your lolly poppin’, check out this year’s Event Guide as well. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as every other year, except it’s this year’s guide, which makes it kind of awesome right now.

And finally, of course, we have the medals (source):

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This year I’m doing ALL THE RACES!!! (save for the kids races) which means the 5K, 10K, and Half, for a grand total of five magnificent bling-o-ramas (each individual race medal, plus the Dumbo Double Dare, plus the Coast To Coast)… which means they get tossed into the pile with the rest of them. They look pretty sweet though, but as always in the end they join their brethren with the vague promise of putting them “on display” on some indeterminate future date and time.

I actually do have one race medallion on display — the one from the 2014 Avengers 5K (also at Disneyland). I have it on display at my work desk:

It's right there, over on the right. Next to my map of Hawaii 2, where I am a proud landowner. For real, yo. Really!

It’s right there, over on the right. Next to my map of Hawaii 2, where I am a proud landowner. For real, yo. Really!

Anyway, this is just a brief update. More to come, I’m sure. I still have to create our custom race shirts and logos for the event, build a running playlist, coordinate with race buddies, plant some corn, and recite the Magna Carta on command. But still, this is a happy time of excitement. And we all need more of those, right? Here’s the video. The first person who can accurately guess WHY I chose this particular song gets lunch on me.

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