#Hokey44 and the Miami Marathon, or: “Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes…”

So let’s just address this straight on, shall we?

Remember last year when I swore I would never, ever, EVER run the Miami Marathon & Half Marathon again?

I mean, like, never ever NEVER ever??



Thanks to the delightful peer pressure from my good friend Sarah (aka “Helen” because for the first 6 weeks or so after I met her, I was convinced her name was ‘Helen’. I’m HORRIBLE with names) I’ll be up bright and early on the morning of January 25th, 2015, located smack dab in downtown Miami on Biscayne Boulevard, running the 2015 Lifetime Miami Marathon.

There are really four things I want to point out about this:

1. Sunday is my 44th birthday! And honestly, what else am I gonna do that day? Spend it eating, drinking, lazy, and… hmmm… what was my point again?

2. I sure am one capriciously fickle dude. But I couldn’t resist the allure of running 26.2 miles with several of my good friends by my side the entire time. PLUS Sarah talked me into it after she said she would do the entire race with the name “HELEN” printed onto her shirt. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

3. Not to be outdone, I’m going to be wearing this laminated sign on my back the entire time:


Apparently I’m trying to make both #Hokey44 and #ThanksHelen “a thing”. So look out for them… somewhere.

4. Check out this awesome weather on race day!


Last year the race started at roughly 74 degrees and was well into the 80s over an hour later, with full humidity and everything. I roasted like a Christmas goose and found myself with the early signs of heat exhaustion around Mile 9. This year looks to be maybe a tad nicer. It’s going to be 53 degrees (Feels Like 48) at race start! No rain, sunny skies, and LOW humidity for this race! Now that my friends is a little slice of perfection right there.

So yeah… Big Birthday Run on Sunday. Returning to Miami. Yay. If you want to track me live on race day, click on over to Race My Race, enter my info (Last name Millheiser — two L’s, E before I — and Bib #: 4438), and you can watch my slow ass move! Huzzah!

Hope we all have a great weekend! Here’s the video:

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2 thoughts on “#Hokey44 and the Miami Marathon, or: “Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes…”

  1. I’m not sure what is means when Race My Race says you’re not available. Kind of creepy if you ask me….. Good luck, I see you’re easily persuaded into committing all kinds of shenanigans, and for the love of god, BRING CASH FOR THE PARKING METERS!

  2. I think I won’t show up on Race My Race until Sunday morning… and thanks 🙂 Yes I’m a sucker for such things; I’m not even going to pretend I put up much of a struggle. But at least I’ll be with 7 or 8 good friends the entire time, on a cold morning, in my home town. That counts for something.

    I’m hitting the garage at Bayside, early. After the race it’s cocktails and massive noshings on the water!

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