Last race of the season… :-\

Well it’s that time 🙁

I need help...

Tomorrow morning Boots & I are off to the Gulf Coast of Florida to round out our 2013-2014 Race Season. We start off in Ft. Myers at 9AM for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk as part of Team Awesome. It’s a 5K romp around Lakes Regional Park benefiting The Lustgarten Foundation, an organization dedicated to discovering a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. We’ll be walking with good friends for a great cause.

It will also be a warmup of sorts for me, as Sunday we are taking part in the First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon. I ran that race back in 2012 and it quickly became one of my favorite races ever. It’s small, scenic, low-key, and very enjoyable. It’s also the fifth race in the Florida Storm Series, which means by crossing that Finish Line I’ll be receiving my bonus Category-5 medal, which is a whole lot of mishegas and schlepping around for what amounts to little more than a 2 dollar hunk of metal. Because that’s how we obsessive runners roll.

And then… this Race Season ends. I’ll most certainly be reviewing it here, and of course there will be other events coming down in the next few weeks. The Dash From The Past 5K, the Lou Gehrig 10K in Coconut Grove, *possibly* a return to the Keys100 (haven’t made up my mind on that one yet)… but as far as what I consider “serious” race distances (10-milers and up, I guess), my season will be finished until Disneyland in August.

So while that’s kind of depressing… at least I can still BOOGIE! Wish me luck, see you next week, and here’s the video:

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