Buttkickin’ Holiday Songs: “Silver Bells” — Twisted Sister (2006)

blgtschristmas“TWIST-ed SIS-TER?!!”

Well sure… look no one can deny their place in pop culture history for such cheese- and amaze-balls rock anthems in ’80s rock video classics We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock (their catalog is surprisingly good before then, but those songs get zero airplay/recognition from anyone who isn’t Eddie Trunk), and Dee Snider, for all his costuming, make-up, and posturing — has got a fantastic rock voice. I saw Twisted Sister open up for Iron Maiden way back in 1985 on the “Somewhere In Time” tour, and they put on an amazing show. I won’t call myself a massive TS fan, but I respect the hell out of them.

Especially since they put out one hell of a buttkickin’ Christmas album, given that I think half the band are Jews anyhow. Regardless, great holiday songs transcend all creeds and just become expressions of buttkickin’ awesomesauce, and Twisted Sister put that on display with this killer rendition of Silver Bells. Dig that driving rock beat and the back-and-forth chorus. If only we could have another video with Neidermeyer and Flounder…

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