Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Fire On High” — Electric Light Orchestra (1975)

blgelofacemusicIf you’re over the age of, oh, let’s say 30, you’ve probably heard this song on Classic Rock radio over the years, but perhaps never knew the name or the artist. It happens. The problem is, as an instrumental, there are no lyrics to look up or inquire about, and trying to identify a song on melody alone in the pre-Shazam era was a tough row to hoe unless a forgiving DJ gave you all the song info.

Me, I found out when I went through an ELO discovery phase a few years ago. I was like, “Oh, THAT song! NICE!”

But enough about that. Why does Fire On High deserve a position in my list of Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs? Because that opening is freakin’ creepy, man. All sorts of backwards masking, sound effects, orchestral overtures… whoa! It totally sets the tone when the melody crashes in, which picks up the beat with some proggy-pop-rock machinations that’ll keep you enthralled. I love this song. If you don’t, you are a cowardly cur.

Oh, I take that back. I’m just in a mood right now. My ankle’s giving me the business. Happy October 30th, gang!

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