Buttkickin’ Halloween Songs: “Frankenstein” — The Edgar Winter Group (1972)

blgfrankWell, duhr…

Frankenstein is one of those quintessentially overplayed classic rock songs in that so many people know the riff and so few know the actual name of the song (let alone the artist performing it). And it really is one lumbering monster of a track, featuring Edgar Winter on about 8 zillion instruments (organ, synth, Moog, sax, who knows what else) and the amazing Rick Derringer on guitar.

Every time I think I’m sick of hearing Frankenstein for the 8 zillionth time… that opening riff hits me at the right moment, and I’m all in. No quotes from the song today; it’s a freakin’ instrumental, fer cryin out loud. Just crank it. At your Halloween Party, at just the right time when the crowd is toasty and the atmos is festive… Frankenstein is a guaranteed home run. Or a ground rule double. Whatever. It’s runners on base baby.

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