Odds ‘n’ Sods, Bits ‘n’ Pieces, Various ‘n’ Sundry, and so on, or: “And still it begins, needles ‘n’ pins…”

Howdy fellow Space Travelers. I really don’t have a whole lot of content for today, but I thought I’d put up some brief updates about what’s going on with things in Downtown Hokeyville, Population: Us. So without further ado:

1. Anagrammatics!

I recently discovered that if you rearrange the letters of my full name, you can spell out Ahem: I’m The Jolliest Warmth! Sure, it’s not quite as sexy as The Immortal Jewish Hamlet, but maybe I’ll be one of those jolly old happy tubby dudes when I’m old. A tall, dark, dashing Santa Claus type? Stranger things have happened…

2. My Twitter Dun Got Hacked

I’ve never been hacked. Nev-er. I’ve been working in Information Technology for 18 years now (kill me) and I know from security. Which makes it even more humiliating to wake up this morning and discover that someone hacked a deprecated security key from an old Blackberry app and gained access to my Twitter account. They were able to send out about three dozen direct messages before Twitter, to their credit, locked it down, changed my password, and emailed me explaining what was going on. My buddy Becca (blogmistress extraordinaire at Uncommom) also gave me a heads up, as she was one of the poor souls on the receiving end of a most malicious Spambot. The spam messages were the usual ones: weight loss, penis extensions, stripping naked on the beach, finding boff-buddies in a neighborhood near you, etc. What made this most humiliating was that several of these went out to family members. Ugh. Kill me now.



The only advice I can give you right now is to check which applications have access to your Twitter feed, and if you don’t recognize any or haven’t used them in awhile (or don’t use them at all), revoke it ASAP. Change your password too, if you haven’t in awhile. And prepare for a REALLY uncomfortable Thanksgiving.

3. 2013 AllState 13.1 Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon

Surprising absolutely no one, I just registered for the 13.1 Fort Lauderdale half marathon that is happening on Sunday, November 10, 2013. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I was doing this run, since I’m not doing the Disney Wine & Dine race the night before 🙁 Besides, my running group buddies in FIT do it as a group every year, and not only did I run the race last year with them I also happen to hit a PR that day. I don’t think I’ll beat that time this year (I’m not in the same shape I was a year ago, sadly) but I’ll be giving it my all. It’s local, it’s on the same roads I run every weekend, and hopefully the weather will be agreeable.

Not if I got anything to say about it!

Not if I got anything to say about it!

This race is also the first leg of the 2013-2014 Florida Storm Series, which includes the Palm Beaches Half, the Miami Marathon Half, the 13.1 Miami Beach, and the Sarasota Half. If I run all five, I get extra bling. Including a Cat-5 medal that is so ginormously huge it generates its own magnetic field and can melt your face off. Sign me up.

I’ve also decided to start having Hokeyblog Meet-Ups. It’s a VERY formal, EXTREMELY organized event. If you see me before, during, or after any race, anywhere, by all means walk (or run) up to me and assertively say “HIGH-FIVE!!!” while holding your hand up, I will not only high-five it back but also take a picture of us for the blog. That’s it. How brutally stuffy and exclusionary. Not quite the Algonquin Round Table, but at least there may or may not be cake!

4. Cake: There Won’t Be Any


Sorry. But if you want to trade off rounds of Hussongs Reposado at Rocco’s Tacos, we can still be good friends.

5. Halloween Horror Nights

We’re heading back this year for Halloween Horror Nights 23 at Universal Orlando. HHN is always one of the entertainment highlights of the year for me. As someone who geeks out on horror movies, haunted houses, theme parks, and kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein, there is literally nothing NOT to love whenever this event comes roaring back every year.



The main theme of this year’s event is of course The Walking Dead, as zombies will be infesting the entire park, stumbling up to guests and scaring the Swiss Hiking Shorts right offa them. The other haunted houses include Cabin in the Woods, Resident Evil, An American Werewolf In London, Evil Dead, and original properties Havoc 2: Derailed, Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance, and La Llorona. Amid all this is the annual Bill & Ted’s show which skewers pop culture to varying degrees of hilarity (some years are hilariously great, others… not so much), and the long-awaited return of the Rocky Horror Picture Show review. Topping that off, many of the top rides will be open and available as well, like The SimpsonsMen In Black, The MummyHollywood Rip Ride Rocket, and the new Transformers attraction which I have yet to experience.

I apparently have the emotional maturity of a 14 year old. So be it. Habeus corpus, as it is written in The Bible (may or may not be true)…

Well that’s all the random updates for today. Hopefully I’ll be back with something more substantial soon. In the meantime, here’s the video:

2 thoughts on “Odds ‘n’ Sods, Bits ‘n’ Pieces, Various ‘n’ Sundry, and so on, or: “And still it begins, needles ‘n’ pins…”

  1. So jealous you’re going to HHN! I really want to go for The Cabin In The Woods and The Walking Dead! I’ll be back in Florida for a few days some time in October but I don’t know if I’ll be able to go/twist anyone’s arm into going with me!! Xx

  2. Yeah but you’re living in London so you win 🙂 You have to twist someone into going with you… dig up some dirt on them!!

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