Outta here, or: “Some are young and some are free…”

ChikaraJust a quick update: leaving tonight for Disney, 5 nights at the Port Orleans French Quarter in preparation for The Big Event on Sunday. So I’ll be incommunicado for a little bit, but expect a full Race Review at SOME point next week. If anyone wants to check out live progress of my run, it will be posting automatically Sunday morning on my Facebook and Twitter pages. I think it does updates every 5K, although I’m not quite sure if that applies to Full Marathons as it does Halves. Oh well, we shall see.

Another quick update: I got a new tattoo last week specifically for this run. It’s a small chikara, a kanji representing power. Next to my right shoulder, just below the collar-bone. Also prominently featured on the KISS Hotter Than Hell album. Figured it was apropos, and as always, I keep my ink corporate. If I’m wearing a shirt — and thank Jebus that I am — you’ll never see them.

OK well that’s it. Wish me luck kids. Here’s the video:

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