Disney Running Logos for the 2015 WDW Marathon Weekend, or: “I can outrun a .45 when you’re around…”



Well it’s not like you DIDN’T know this was coming, right?

For those of you new to the entire Hokeyblog mishegas, here’s the abbreviated recap: most (but not every) time we here at Hokey Industries Ltd. decide to participate in a Run Disney event, we print up custom race shirts to celebrate the festive fun occasion. And why not? This started when I ran my very first Half Marathon at Disney in January 2012, and it (mostly) continues to this very day. I’m not gonna get all Fiddler On The Roof on you because ECCH!!! but it’s nice to have SOME measure of tradition around these parts.

Anyway, I won’t belabor the point, except to say that we have engaged in one paradigm shift, and it’s a biggie: our team name is no longer “Millheiser RULES!!!” That’s been retired, and not because of some false humility or fear of inimitable self-aggrandizement. I just like Team Hokeyboy better. Maybe in some strange way it strengthens the brand? Something like that.

So after utilizing a Red color scheme for the 2014 Space Coast Marathon, my running buddy Kristi and I decided to shift down the wavelength spectrum and go with Orange this time around. It works perfectly since both of us are doing the Goofy Challenge (a 1/2-Marathon on Saturday and a Full-Marathon on Sunday, 39.3 miles over two days) and orange is Goofy’s color.

On the day of the Half, while Kristi will be donning her Ariel/Little Mermaid running outfit, I will be similarly and nautically attired as none other than Aquaman. I’m DC strong in a Marvel house, just as I was during the 2014 Avengers Half Marathon. My outfit is basically just green running compression pants and this orange baby right here:

Half marathon logo, on back of shirt.

Half marathon logo, on back of shirt.

And for the Full, I’ll be in Goofy colors (possibly ears!) with this one:

Full marathon logo on the back of the shirt

Full marathon logo, on back of the shirt

Simple, but effective. Both are in performance tech fabric (moisture wicking), whereas Boots ordered a version of the Aquaman logo for herself in a cotton tshirt. So we’ll be looking sharp! I hope… anyway, if you see me out there, anywhere, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi! You could end up in a blog and be world famous! Just ask Lenny “The Swab” Tippence, if you can sober him up first. Good luck with that. Here’s the video (Mary’s Danish! Remember them??):

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5 thoughts on “Disney Running Logos for the 2015 WDW Marathon Weekend, or: “I can outrun a .45 when you’re around…”

  1. I appreciate the fact that you are also paying due homage to all things Miami Hurricanes, as all smart buggers do. And di you check your email today? Reg for Life World Run NOW OPEN! EEEEKKKK! C’mon patellas! You can do EET!

  2. I grew up going to Hurricanes games at the Orange Bowl, and even spent 3 fabulous fun-filled weeks of law school there. And THAT is a story I’d love to tell one day, if my parents ever forgive me. 😉

    Already registered for Wings For Life! I’m trying to drag along as many people as I can… hope to see you there! *prays to the Magical Orthopedic Sky Fairy for you*

  3. I truly am starting to believe you are a long lost brother from another mother. Glad to see it only took you three weeks to pull your head out of your dupa! 🙂 And thou shalt participate in all future Hurricane parties at Island Time Tiki Bar, conveniently located at Casa De Black Dog.

    I go back to The Man in February. We’ll know by the 17th what the prognosis is and if it looks promising, I’ll be registered as quickly as I can hit the buttons on my phone!

    Happy, Happy New Year!

  4. This is the guy in the Mummy shirt Boots saw at the Miami Beach Halloween Half,I’m also doing Goofy this weekend,corral I,see you there!!

  5. Look for the tall dude in the orange shirt who gained WAY too much poundage over the holidays! Cheers mate!

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