My next great running adventure, or: “When the mind is willing, it gets downright perilous….”

blgshazambarrelWell no rest for the wickedly awesome, they say…

November has been an incredibly busy month for the staff here at Hokeyblog. We’ve just come off two weeks of back-to-back half marathons at Disney parks on TWO COASTS, and if my carefully-curated budget spreadsheet is any indication, I should pretty much be wearing a barrel and selling pencils on a street-corner. In 1934. Probably animated while being goofed on by some anthropomorphic quadruped with a snarky catchphrase and extremely dated theme-song. I need to stop the Merrie Melody allusions right around now.

I get sidetracked entirely too easily.

Anyway there’s still more to go this month; the Space Coast Marathon is a week from Sunday (11/30/2014) and that’s THE Main Event of my season. The very one I’ve been training for since last May. And now all my training is done, we’re in full tapering mode right now and looking for the next big challenge.

blgalaskabearAnd that next big challenge is taking me as far away as I can get while still remaining on North American terra firma… that’s right, I’m now registered for Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon, taking place in scenic Anchorage, Alaska on June 20, 2015.


Midnight sun! Bears! Salmon! Glaciers! Eskimos! And also other things!

I really can’t wait for this race. I’ll be going there with our buttkickin’ local running club, Friends In Training. We always have a travel race every year. In 2013 I joined them in Washington, DC for the Rock N Roll USA event, while I missed this year’s trip to Big Sur for a host of reasons. So this year I’m definitely embarking on this newest adventure.

And it’ll be a challenge. We’re talking lots of hills and over 7 miles of trail running! I can’t wait to tackle this particular beast. So if you’re thinking of (or planning on) tackling it as well, let me know and we’ll become marathon buddies and you might end up in a race review! Which is about as exclusive as joining the National Geographic Society, but at least there will be considerably less subscription card clutter in your life. Or something. Here’s the video:

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